Hubby was driving while I was taking photos I like it that way. I am so amazed the snow that accumulated in just few days. This is my first time to see a lot of snow here in Michigan and I learned what is a "polar vortex" but what is going on with the global warming? I still don't understand global warming do you?

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Jan n Jer said…
Very pretty snow scene! I kinda understand global warming!
Rose said…
Great photo showcasing both snow and fence.
genie said…
Such a nice and long white fence set off by all of that white, cold snow. You all really got a lot of it. Such a pretty shot.
Saun said…
Very pretty to look at, but not so much fun driving in it.
s.c said…
Nice composition. I also like the the white . It makes the picture stronger I think. Thanks for showing.
Pat said…
Nice black and white image!
Ruth Kelly said…
I don't think anyone really understands global warming.
Cold and frosty...and pretty too.
Anonymous said…
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