Bamboo Cutting Board

I love to cook I think that is one passion I like to enhance aside from photography. Looking back, my father taught me how to cook. My father is a sales rep and my mother is a schoolteacher they both are not around all the time. My mother goes to work early in the morning and comes home late in the afternoon while my father goes to places that his company assigned to him. Because of that, every time my father comes home it is like a bonding moment but a bonding moment not spent in the mall or beaches. We spent our bonding time cooking, fixing things around the house, cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I am proud to tell everyone my dad knew how to wash clothes, lol! 

When I graduated elementary school, my mother decided we are not going to have a house help. It was then that my cooking prowess kicks in. I love going to the market and cooking simple meal. One thing that I realized in cooking you has to have a good quality of things in the kitchen like chopping board. The funny thing that happened to our chopping board last year is that hubby put our chopping board inside the oven. Of course, it broke and I had only one small oblong shape chopping board, which I do not like because it is too small for me. When I saw in my friend’s blog about Surpahs Chopping Board, I get excited. Why? Because in one packed there are three sizes of chopping board. It is made of bamboo, which I do like to have, and looks sturdy. Now I am using it as my new friend in the kitchen. For More information about Surpahs Chopping Board here are the links that you can click, read and like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ see you there!

                                                   Chopping garlic and cutting shrimp balls


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