N is for....

                                                                New York City

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Very interesting street scenes.
s.c said…
A real sugar cake building. Thanks for showing.
bj said…
Your photos are so good..enjoyed seeing these.
I just linked to follow you thru Google Friends connect..:)
DrillerAA09 said…
Branding does seem to be an appropriate term in our world. Everything seems to have someone's brand on it. I do like the energy that these moving graphics often add to the street scene. Nicely captured images.
Reader Wil said…
Interesting building!
Wil, ABCW Team.
I should go more often. It's only 150 miles away.
ellen b said…
Great choice for N! I need to go back to NYC and visit it properly...
Berowne said…
Great post for a former New Y'er. Thanx.
Ralph said…
In the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, we don't notice the colors of the rainbow as we hurry around. It takes very little ruby to get our attention - and these subject buildings and bussses make for perfect reds!
Trubes said…
Mew York, I would love to visit one day. great shots, love the pinkish building... I thought of Disney World at first !

Best wishes,
ABCW team.
Trubes said…
Oops! Typo...I mean't to say 'New York'!

ABCW team.
Kim, wonderful scenes of NYC! I used to live on the Upper West Side, so I enjoy any and all pix of my former stomping grounds in Manhattan. Very nicely done! And you are first in the ABC Wednesday queue, so I hope you'll get lots of views. Amy

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