Getting big

The one on your right is my nephew and he is clowning around trying to looked big in this picture. But actually he is getting big. He is going to be 12 this year and I couldn't believe next year I will have a teen-ager!!!
I am excited at the same time try to hold on the time and moment that he is my baby boy. Last year I have not visited my native country Philippines and this year I am not so sure if I can visit them. But basing on the pictures that my brother shared on me in Facebook they grew like weeds lol. 
When I called them I see to it that I talked to my nieces and nephew and I missed them a lot!! I know that when I see them I would not believe that they grow tall and fast. They grow without their parents with them. I was the one who took care of them when their parents didn't care for them. That's why they call me "mama" because I am more closer to them than their parents. I don't have any regrets that they came to my life I consider them as my own and I so love them very much.
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emmanuelmateo said…
wow manang..naglasbang!!hehe siguro mabait po kayo sa knila kya dey like u
Ann said…
kids grow big quickly. I was on holiday for 2 months, I saw my student yesterday, and he had grown.
co wendy said…
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