Good sign

                     Two weeks ago hubby cut three elder box trees at our yard. As I watched him cut on top of this huge track I noticed the side sign. I like it, it's pretty cool!! But wait a minute I am suffering now with color this truck color blue? Or green?
                                                    Linking this post to BLUE MONDAY
                             Note: I think this is really blue. Okey so I am good with this meme ^_^


Hooked on Memes said…
Great graphic design! Love it!
SmilingSally said…
Definitely blue, and I love that shade of blue! Some call it turquoise, but I say aqua.

Happy Blue Monday, Kim.
xinex said…
Yep, definitely blue and a pretty blue too! Please come and sign up for my giveaway, Kim...Christine
imriz said…
i like the sign, manang kim, "work hard or go home".
anne said…
looks like it is blue green? hehehe mine is here Points of View and Thoughts thanks
chubskulit said…
I love that "work hARD or g home", nice!

Please drop by at my BLUE, when you have time. Thanks!
Very motivating words: work hard or go home :)
Hi Kim! I stopped by yesterday but had trouble posting my comment. This is my first time to your Pride and Joy blog ... I love seeing the kids, they are so cute.

Your blue sign is great. It reminds me of when I used to be a waitress and the rule was "Clean, don't lean!"

I hope that you have a wonderful week.

God bless,

Kathy M.
magandang tayaan na numero sa suwertres,hehe..
Looks like they'd be hard workers, the people in that truck.
Buzz Lightyear said…
Very cool sign, a lot of neat character to it. Can't beat the logo/subject matter. Thanks for sharing that, Kim. I especially like a lot of the old signs in the Philippines (Gasul, Shellane, a lot of the Coca Cola signs on sari-sari stores, etc.), and of course old antique signs for gas stations etc. here in the U.S. Philippines has a lot of really cool hand-painted signs too. I put a photo up on my blog ion Nov. 6, 2011 of a few signs from the Philippines that I brought home and hung up in my garage, you might enjoy taking a peek at it.

There's a really cool blog called "Shorpy" (it's not my blog) that has really interesting old photos that you can view in incredible HD and click and zoom for even more detail. Right now the most recent photo they have up is from 1940 old gasoline pumps with a really cool Texaco "Fire Chief" gasoline sign on them.
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