Barn Charm

I like this barn and there yard is huge and neat.

This is another barn. The roof needs a bet of TLC.

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Anonymous said…
Hi Kim,

Great barn finds! Is the top one in a grave yard? Spooky, esp for this very night!!! =)

Your linky led back to one of your other blogs, so I deleted that one & linked back to this one!

Thanks so much for joining in & linking up to Barn Charm =)
Elaine said…
A couple of nice captures! The second barn does look like it needs some help.
Mari said…
Great barns! That top one is very nice!
Jill said…
These are terrific. I really love the top one. Red barns with white trim are so appealing.
Genie said…
I just love the way you caught the “storage area” behind the barn. People are always putting stuff - even campers - behind them. The roof is going to start leaking like our if they do not do some work on it soon. We have a small leak and really need to address the issue immediately. Love the barn with is fading paint. genie
Dianna said…
Don't you just love barns? And it doesn't seem to matter how much of a state of disrepair they're in!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment for me.
Jan n Jer said…
Greats the blur of the trees! Great focus on the barns!
Judy said…
The top barn is beautiful, it's in wonderful shape.
Carole said…
I love the basic 'barn' shape of that one in the top picture.

You're right about the other one, the roof needs a little TLC, as does the barn itself.

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