Facebook No More

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Since I am far away from my family (live in the Philippines) I was happy Facebook is born. So I created an account for my nephew and nieces. My brother was into it too and because of that I could chat them when I see them online. Or we shared photos. Facebook does make family connected even if we are thousand miles apart.
But then, nephew and nieces add to their account their classmates or friends at school. From the beginning I didn't mind but I noticed that there are bullying around. I even have to report some to Facebook authority and I deleted a lot of my nephew and nieces so called "friends". I told them I do not like these and that kid because the mouth is foul and I do not like the photos that are being tag. I was happy because they do not care as long as they can play the games on Facebook. Last week, I was very surprised because I saw a PORN photos on my nephews Facebook page. I was furious at the same time feel guilty because I was the one who make them an account. I then contacted my brother to talk and put a punishment to my  nephew by allowing PORN photos on his page. In the end, the decision is no more Facebook until he get mature enough and responsible to  use social network sites.


Reader Wil said…
Good on you, Kim! I don't like facebook either!

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