He turn 13 today

Today, my little boy is officially a teenager! He will be 13 years old today! Time flies so quick I remember the moment he was born. My sister was in labor and me and our mother was there too. We were excited to see our little baby boy and hour later he was born. He may not be my biological son but GOD gave him to me too, through my heart.
I talked to him this morning just in time they came home from dining out celebrating his birthday. He told me that the food was good and that he loves it very much. I am so glad he was happy on his birthday and before I came back here in the US I gave him a thousand pesos to spend for his birthday. And he told me he buy something together with his classmates and friends they eat at school.  He will be graduating this March and that time I am going back to the Philippines to be in this special event of his. To my Kuya Gino Paulo, Mama Kim loves you much!! God bless!! And Happy Birthday!!


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