Angel Grace turn 9

     Yeheyyy my youngest baby niece turns nine years old today! I asked her the other day what she likes to have for her birthday. She told me she likes a huge cake, spaghetti and fried chicken. She did not know that my brother surprised her with a lechon (roasted pig)! She could not believe it she was so happy I could tell just by looking at her photos. Nine years from today she was born. I remember the day I visited at the hospital and saw her inside the incubator. The nurse told us she might not live hearing those words made my heart sunk I was very sad. I approached her and my mind told me to talk to her and the words that I uttered was " you gonna make it you will survive" and that is when I saw a smile on that tiny face! I know then that she will survive and she did. She is now nine years old and a very bright girl. She is always an honor student and very witty. Her dream is to be a Principal in a school and she always re-enact as a principal when she and her playmates play together. She will definitely get her dreams and I am praying for all my nieces and nephew to be a good citizen and a child of God! Happy Birthday AG! 


Buzz Lightyear said…
Well, God Bless and Happy Birthday to your niece; she's adorable! Very nice post, and very touching about your niece being born premature and smiling when you uttered encouragement to her to survive. She may very well be the principal some day. Our daughter is just about exactly the same age, her 9th birthday is coming up on Aug 22. All the best to you and yours!

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