Not a Hibiscus

                          I saw these flowers inside Singapore Botanical Garden and so loving it. I do not know the name of these flowers and wish somebody could tell me.

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Cathy Keller said…
They are very pretty, but I'm afraid I can't help! I'm curious too! Have a wonderful week! Cathy
Laura said…
so beautiful Kim!!!
Very pretty but likely indigenous to your part of the world, so I can't help. I really like the pink flowers.
FYI, Mary is away and Mosaic Monday will resume on May 26.
Mary said…
In my "Tropical Plants" book it is call Caesalpina Pulcherrima. Common names could be "Prider of Barbados, Dwarf Poinciana, or Flower fence. It is a native to West Indies. I saw them when I was in Barbados. I hope this helps.
Jama said…
It's commonly known here in Singapore as the peacock flowers and it is the Caesalpina Pulcherrima as mention by Mary. Lots of them being grown here around the parks and roadside.

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